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HP Slate 500 Tablet PC hands-on

After the battle, between the HP Slate and the Apple iPad, we liked to learn more about the Slate. Carol Hess-Nickels, director Worldwide Notebook Marketing of HP helps us. Using Windows 7 HP is focussing on the business market with this tablet. Steve Balmer of Microsoft introduced the 8,9 inch screen at the CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, almost a year ago. Compared to the iPad 64 3GB WIFI, the HP Slate 500 is smaller than the iPad (9,7 inch). Both have 64 GB, the HP is more expensive than, has no 3G. Hmmm.. why not? The weight is the same (0.68 kg). So, no difference in that. We heard, that HP is thinking about introducing the HP Slate with webOS 2.0, next to the Windows 7 device. Interesting.

Do you have a favourite already? Which one would you choose?


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